Based in Old Ellicott City, MD, The ClayGround brings the virtually limitless world of ceramic art.

Meeting the ceramic artists who bring ceramic to life in ways will make your time worth spending at The ClayGround.


Whether you are a beginner or a follower, if you have passion to learn and experiment, give us a call to fix your appointment. Get Started!

From the little to the massive, the metaphoric to the abstract, there are infinite possibilities for expression in the form of ceramic art that The ClayGround offers for people searching with ‘ceramic classes near me’.

One can learn a wide range of ceramic pottery with the comfort and pace preferred. You will be taught and assisted in creating whatever you would like to make.

How We Are Different In Ceramics Classes

Your search with ‘ceramic classes near me’ will take you through variety of options to choose but what makes us most chosen among all is the welcoming and stimulating atmosphere for students to learn the fundamentals of this art.

Beginners will learn how to create basic vessels and forms on a potter’s wheel. More experienced students learn more intricate techniques in working with ceramic while focusing on their chosen design, and finishing techniques. Classes in mosaics, polymer clay and hand built pottery are also offered.

All the photography done by our professionals buoy up creative spirit and allow people to connect with the language of art and of the pottery made by people who have attended The ClayGround Pottery classes.

Our Daily Ceramic Arts

We believe in nurturing individual expression. We aim at inspiring creativity, foster self-discovery, and nurture an appreciation for art through our pottery programs and workshops and access to our studio and gallery.

By motivating students to let their instructor know what they would like to achieve by using their own ideas and vision, we make it a complete win-win for students.

Our ceramic classes are based on the group demonstrations followed by individualized help. Students will have a direct access to The ClayGround studio for 6 days a week.

Call Our Professionals

Please refer to the workshop schedule to find out when the next ones are scheduled. As a ceramic art educational resource in Maryland, The ClayGround studio also offers home schools art and pottery wheel classes for home schooled students looking to fulfill their art credit. Parents are welcome to participate.

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