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Geologica Naturals

Biography: Artist

All art is derivative and evocative. It is derived from history, lived experiences, stories,

ideas and visions. It is evocative when it causes you to stand at attention, to cry, smile,

to become angry, outraged, sad, breathless, energized. This is why we create things

and embellish our shared experience.

I studied drawing and printmaking at NYU, The Art Student’s League, and The School

for Visual Arts as a backdrop to Art History and Literature in Translation. I have dabbled

with glass mosaic and other warm and cold glasswork, bronze statuary, watercolor and

acrylic painting, clay work, collage, and book arts. I find tremendous peace, solace and

silence in these small acts of expression and productivity.

On a chance conversation with the proprietor of The ClayGround, one gray Sunday

afternoon, we decided the gallery/shop needed the all natural solid lotion, balm bars I

make for myself, friends, and family. I was very excited about this proposition. Because

we are exposed to harsh chemicals, heavy metas and pollutants nearly every day, I

wanted only pure, natural products to touch my skin. That is why I started creating

gentle balms, oils and lotions.

By day, I am a dedicated Federal Government employee who believes truly the work I

do makes us a better society in supporting our nation’s most vulnerable populations.

And because I am a lifelong insomniac, I make these natural balms, bars, oils and

lotions and other things, late at night with old, B&W or crazy, scary films playing in the

background. I have a husband and teenage son and we live in Baltimore City.

If you have any questions and want to know more about what I do, please email me at