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Nancy Hardy

About Nancy Hardy



Nancy started out 20 years ago (or so) as a self taught jewelry artisan. She just made

fun jewelry for herself and friends. Most of al the jewelry is made with a sterling silver or

copper wire. Nancy, the creator, collects a lot of items from nature to enhance the

eclectic look. You will find wood, stone, rust, bark, bone, antlers, shells and even a

feather from time to time among her wearable art. One might find remnants of

silverware somewhere in her collection. It is like a “treasure hunt” when one goes

shopping in her bag of jewels as one never knows what one will find next.

Recently copper became her new love. Just this past summer she picked up a piece of

copper pipe laying in the road that had been run over a few times. The copper pipe had

great texture from the wear and tear of the road, so she took it home right away and

hammered and shaped it into a cuff bracelet which is one of her personal favorite items.

Thereafter, she started making similar bracelets for sale. Now, copper pipes have

become her “go to” item of choice as the heaver copper bracelets are the pipes that

have been hammered flat with lighter bracelets being made from roof copper…some of

which were once flashing on a 65 year old house with old patina still in tact. There is

always a “find” story from Nancy’s pieces.

Nancy is experimenting now with encaustics…using beeswax as an art form…just as the

Egyptians used thousands of years ago, as beeswax was also know to be used as a

preservative. Some of the art that she uses are photographs taken by her that have

been transferred to the wax then treated further…sometimes adding flowers and other

nature finds.

Nancy has this passion to make something interesting out of pretty much anything and

while some might find it a tad boorish, to her it give her a spark that keeps her loving