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Carpe Clay- Artist

Carpe Clay

I received my Bachelors (1997) and Masters (2002) in Art Education from Towson State

University and have been teaching students art for the past 20 years — 5 years in

Baltimore County with 15 years in Carroll County. In 2002 I began a journey in clay that

altered my way of creating pottery. I worked with master potter Ken Hankins at Shiloh

Pottery where I explored various glazing and firing processes. It is there that I mastered

the art of Raku. To me, unveiling each piece of Raku is like revealing a magical gem

that possesses a rainbow of iridescence and colors so lustrous that they truly become

an art of their own. Each piece is uniquely different, whether it is in refractions of color

or contrasting black fine lines of horse hair or peacock feathers in fused/burned into the

white of the clay…this is what makes Carpe Clay’s pottery so special to me. Sharing

that experience with my friends, family and at shows helps me celebrate this passion. I

am also a functional potter…mugs, plates, chip n’ dip plates, bowls, jewelry dishes,

Ikebana vases, toothpick holders and platters. You can see me demonstrate Raku

firings at Shiloh Pottery’s Open House at Christmas and Mother’s Day. To see

additional pieces, please “like” me on Facebook under Nicole Diem Carpe Clay.